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Coasteering is a high-action, high-thrill sport rapidly gaining traction in the UK. It involves components of various other adrenaline-filled activities, such as sea swimming, cliff diving and climbing, cave exploration, and more. Most people commonly refer to coasteering as a new combination of orienteering and mountaineering, with a bigger range of activities.

What are the best St. David’s coasteering locations?

Despite being the UK’s smallest city in terms of population and urban space, St. David’s still has plenty of beautiful locations for tourists and locals alike to enjoy a day of coasteering. Below is a list of some of the spots you can expect to be taken to when coasteering with a registered provider – though, of course, they might have their own route!



St. David’s Peninsula

The peninsula of St. David’s is one of the most popular locations in the city for coasteering. This is because it truly is the epitome of the spirit of coasteering. The sea is expansive and clear, and the cliffs boast impressive stature and height – perfect to get pulses racing as you dive off!

Many coasteering providers will offer Porth Dafarch as one of their destinations, or as a stop along a preplanned route. So if you go coasteering, prepare to stop at Porth Dafarch because (weather permitting!) it is very likely that you will.


St. Non’s Bay

St. Non’s Bay is a popular coasteering destination for one simple reason: it was the birthplace of coasteering as an activity! With deep waters and stunning ridge cliffs, St. Non’s Bay is a point of visit along the routes for many providers.

It also boasts vivid greenery and a richly diverse ecosystem, for those that are interested in learning about the flora and fauna of Wales.


Whitesands Bay

Whitesands Bay is a great choice for some of the more grounded elements of coasteering such as sea swimming, which is often used as a method of short-term transportation between sites that are close together. Like its name, Whitesands Bay flaunts a coastline of white, clean sand, perfect for greeting you as you come in and out of the water.



Abereiddy Beach

Abereiddy Beach offers visitors one of the most unusual landscapes St. David’s has to offer. With black sand, frequent chances of finding fossils, and thousands of striking pebbles, Abereiddy Beach is a popular destination for many coasteering providers thanks to its calm waters and unique views.

As well as coasteering activities, Abereiddy Beach is also a popular choice for kayakers, paddle boarders, divers, and casual swimmers – plenty to see and do if you love physical hobbies!

What are the best providers of St. David’s coasteering?

Though it’s a small destination in comparison to some of the UK’s other coasteering hotspots, St. David’s is a great hub for coasteering providers to see up shop and take customers on a tour. Below are just three of the best and most popular providers that you can invest a day with:

Celtic Quest Coasteering

Celtic Quest Coasteering prides itself on tailoring to every type of customer personality and age. With experienced and highly trained instructors just waiting to lead you out for a day of fun, Celtic Quest Coasteering is named as one of the best coasteering providers that Wales has to offer.

You can view a range of testimonials and pictures online to really see what the fuss is all about.

TYF Adventure

TYF Adventure really is a special provider of coasteering. It’s credited as being the pioneer of coasteering, introducing the sport to the rest of the world way back in 1986. Since those first coasteering routes around St. Non’s Bay, TYF Adventure has grown to offer an entire team of trained professional instructors to take adrenaline junkies out for a day of fun.

Aside from coasteering, TYF Adventure also offers other activities, such as rockpool safaris, surfing, climbing, kayaking, and more.

Dragon Activity Guides

Dragon Activity Guides is an award-winning provider of instructor-guided coasteering activities, as well as many other hobbies and sports such as surfing and rock climbing. Dragon Activity Guides offers customers the choice of half or full days out on the coast, with a promise to take you to the very best St David’s locations according to the weather on that day.

It really does guarantee a unique experience like no other!

Why choose St. David’s as a coasteering spot?

Thanks to TYF Adventure, St. Davids’s is the birthplace of coasteering. This means you can get right up and close with history itself as you take to the shores, sea, and cliffs to get your heart racing. Aside from that, St. David’s is also a simply beautiful location.

Like any other active sport, coasteering depends on the conditions of the weather and landscape on the day. Your instructor will likely have multiple routes in mind, should a particular activity be unable to be done during your booking.

Coasteering providers in St Davids, Wales

With so much great terrain to explore, there’s a number of experienced and highly rated coasteering providers operating in the area. You can search the location of all of these coasteering centres using the interactive map of St Davids below.

St Davids Coasteering Adventure Centres

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