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Coasteering Polzeath

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Guide To Coasteering Polzeath

Explore Polzeath Coasteering. Discover The Best Locations & Providers In North Cornwall
Complete Guide To Coasteering

If you want to explore Polzeath in North Cornwall like never before, coasteering may be the perfect adventure for you! Coasteering allows individuals and groups to explore areas of North Cornwall that are otherwise inaccessible, showcasing the true coastal hidden gems of Cornwall.

An idyllic seaside resort village, Polzeath is best known for its golden sandy beach which is popular with surfers and tourists. The village can be found 6 miles north of Wadebridge and is located in the civil parish of St Minver. Although the town itself may be peaceful, along the coast you’ll find some of the best coasteering experiences that the Atlantic coast has to offer.

During a coasteering adventure, you will swim, climb and jump along the cliffs in Polzeath, playing in the waves and discovering amazing sea caves. Coasteering is truly the best way to explore and experience the stunning Cornish coast.


What activities can you enjoy whilst coasteering Polzeath?

As Polzeath is a diverse coastline with many hidden coves and caves, there are plenty of watersport and climbing adventures you can enjoy whilst coasteering. For example, you can enjoy surfing, scrambling, jumping, kayaking, swimming and paddleboarding.


Is coasteering Polzeath suitable for beginners?

There are many coasteering companies in Cornwall that offer coasteering experiences for beginners and more advanced individuals. It is important you let your tour company know you are a beginner whilst booking a tour, however, so they can accommodate you accordingly and place you on a tour with other beginners and experienced instructors.



Best places to explore when coasteering Polzeath

Coasteering Polzeath Beach

If you want to explore North Cornwall, you won’t want to miss Polzeath beach. Polzeath beach truly offers the best of both worlds, as it has a beach perfect for surfing and relaxing, plus a rugged coastline which makes it ideal for coasteering. As Polzeath beach is a popular tourist spot, you’ll find great food and drink options here, perfect for a pre or post-coasteering adventure refuel.

Coasteering Polzeath at Pentire Point

A picturesque headland on the Atlantic coast, the head of Pentire Point is roughly one square mile. Here, you’ll find a sea-climbing route known as the ‘Great Wall’ which is an exhilarating climb that offers plenty of opportunities to appreciate the wildlife of North Cornwall.

Coasteering Polzeath at The Rumps

This twin-headland can be found at the north-east corner of Pentire Point. Made of hard, basaltic rock, this location offers stunning views of a small off-shore island named The Mouls. As the Rumps are under the stewardship of the National Trust, it is a popular walking and sailing spot for both tourists and locals alike.

Jump, Swim & Scramble Along The Amazingly Wonderful UK Coastline

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Coasteering Polzeath at Stepper Point

On the opposite side of the River Camel, you’ll find Stepper Point, a beautiful headland on the North Cornwall coast. This is an iconic spot in North Cornwall due to the ‘daymark’ a stone tower built to help sailors and swimmers navigate the area at night.

Coasteering Polzeath at Port Quin

A hamlet nestled between Port Isaac and Polzeath, Port Quinn offers some of the best coasteering opportunities in North Cornwall due to its rugged coastline that was once a fishing port. The sheltered inlet is suitable for beginners and advanced coasteering as is it a near-deserted cove.

Coasteering Polzeath at Port Gaverne

Half a mile from Port Isaac, Port Gaverne is an independent hamlet located around a rugged headland. This coastline offers plenty of opportunities for cliff jumping, as well as other watersports such as paddle boarding and kayaking.


Coasteering providers near Polzeath and the North of Cornwall

With so much great terrain to explore, there’s a number of experienced and highly rated coasteering providers operating in the area.

There are multiple tours and packages available to explore the wondering Polzeath coast. The majority of tour operators offer beginner packages though this can vary. Some of the most popular tour operators are showcased below

Cornish Coasteering

Cornish Coasteering encourages everyone to try coasteering, regardless of their skill level. They have different tour packages, starting from beginner, so all abilities can experience the adventure of coasteering. This company also welcome groups and can tailor their packages to families, stag dos, corporate away days and other groups. The group is located on Dinham Farm and provides guests with the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing campfire after an adventurous day coasteering.

Era Adventures

With their headquarters in Polzeath, Era Adventures truly know where the hidden gems along the Polzeath coastline are. Era Adventures encourage anyone from the age 10 and up to try coasteering, as their packages can be tailored based on ability. Whilst on Era Adventure coasteering routes there is plenty of opportunity for jumping, they stress that this is not necessary and even individuals with a fear of heights can enjoy their packages.

Cornish Rock Tours

If you’d like to explore Port Gaverne whilst coasteering, Cornish Rock Tours will most likely be your operator of choice. Cornish Rock Tours currently hold the only activities license for Port Gaverne and are supported by the National Trust who have stewardship in the area. Cornish Rock Tours is the only way to experience this otherwise inaccessible area of the Cornish coast. This company are dedicated to creating a personal tour experience, and for this reason, maintain small group sizes on their packages.

You can search the location of all of these coasteering centres using the interactive map of Cornwall below.

Polzeath Coasteering Adventure Centres

Discover every coasteering activity centre near Polzeath