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Keswick Adventures Ltd
Keswick Adventures Ltd
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Alexander Adventures
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adventure northumberland
Adventure Northumberland
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Guide To Coasteering Northumberland

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Coasteering Northumberland

The Northumberland coast is known for its asymmetric beauty; ragged cliffs and crags overlook deep blue waters in this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Coasteering is a fantastic way to explore the Northumberland coast, making your way around the rugged coast with a combination of swimming, rock-climbing, and sea level traversing.

Coasteering is an action-packed activity for older children, young people, and adults, and it’s quickly becoming a popular activity choice for holidaymakers, families, and team-building days. Here are three fantastic locations along the Northumberland coast which are perfect for memorable coasteering days out, as well as some of the most reputable providers, all of whom offer safe coasteering activities run by experienced professional guides along the Northumberland coast.


Coasteering Northumberland around Howick

Howick is a small, scenic village set within the Northumberland Coast Area of Natural Beauty. Home to Howick Hall and Howick Gardens and Arboretum, Howick is a popular tourist site most famous for its well-preserved historical estates and heritage sites. It’s also an excellent spot to start your coasteering adventure, known for its unique coastal features including many small caves and coves for coasteerers to explore.

Adventure Northumberland

No doubt one of the biggest coasteering providers in Howick is Adventure Northumberland. This provider runs three-hour coasteering sessions for adults and children from the age of eight and up between March and October. Sessions are run for two or more people minimum, and all wetsuits and safety equipment are supplied. With Adventure Northumberland, you will explore the area around Rumbling Kearn, with jumps varying from just a few feet to 30ft, and enjoy a rare glimpse into some of the sea caves dotted around Howick.

The Activity People

The Activity People offer three-hour coasteering packages for both adults and children, with group booking possible at any size between one and 20. Going coasteering with The Activity People, you’ll be guided around Rumbling Kearn by experienced instructors, and your adventure will involve a cliff jump from heights of over 40ft, rock climbing and sea cave exploration.


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Coasteering Northumberland around Beadnell

Beadnell is a village on the Northumberland coast, set at the foot of a long stretch of beach known as Beadnell Bay. Beadnell itself is home to many activity centres offering a huge range of watersports, including surfing, sailing, and scuba-diving. Beadnell is a fantastic choice for adventurers keen to try coasteering alongside other popular watersports, as well as holidaymakers looking for an action-packed waterside vacation.

KA Kitesurfing

KA Kitesurfing are the number one coasteering company operating around Beadnell. These sessions all take place within a fifteen-minute drive of Beadnell, and routes last between three hours and a full day depending on the package chosen. KA Kitesurfing’s coasteering packages are all run by professional instructors who can adjust the difficulty of the session to suit the abilities of the coasteerers on the day, making them a great choice for beginners and nervous first-timers, as well as mixed-ability groups. The company also run more complicated routes from other locations for experienced coasteerers.


Coasteering Northumberland around South Shields

South Shields is a coastal town located just a few miles outside of Newcastle Upon Tyne. There are many beaches along South Shields including Sandhaven and Marsden, and the town is a popular destination for both nearby locals and tourists from further afield. South Shields is an excellent location to begin coasteering around Northumberland, with many providers offering coasteering in the town; it’s also easy to access via public transport and the town itself is packed with other places to explore when you’re done.

Adventure Training North East

Adventure Training North East offer a coasteering activity which begins at Marsden Cove, an area which offers a truly unique coasteering experience on each and every visit, depending on the state of the tide. This coasteering adventure isn’t for beginners, though: ATNE only offer their coasteering activity to adventurers of nine years old or over, and all coasteerers must be able to swim at least 25 metres in open water, meaning this one’s only for those who have already got their sea legs.

North East Adventures

North East Adventures offer a range of coasteering packages aimed at families and corporate teams in groups of four or more. Packages include a 2.5-hour traverse around Camels Island, involving cave exploration and cliff jumping, as well as an extreme package for more experienced coasteerers, which promises bigger jumps and bigger swims. North East Adventures also offer a full day adventure package which combines coasteering and kayaking.


Starting from Sea Road in South Shields, Beyonk offer an all-inclusive three-hour coasteering adventure suitable for families, corporate events, stag and hen dos, and school groups. Coasteerers will be guided by a professional instructor every step of the way, exploring some of the best sights the ruggedly beautiful coastline around South Shields has to offer. Based quite centrally in South Shields, Beyonk’s coasteering package is a great choice for coasteerers relying on public transport.

Northumberland’s gorgeous and unique coastline is a fantastic area for coasteering, as well as offering fantastic opportunities to try out other water activities. Wherever you choose to coasteer: be safe, and have fun.

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