Coasteering North Wales

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Coasteering North Wales

There’s no better way to explore the beautiful coastline of North Wales than by coasteering North Wales. Combining a range of different activities, it’s a challenge for the body and mind as you get up close and personal with the coast and the birds and sea life that live there.

You get to scramble across rocks, climb, cliff-jump, explore beautiful sea caves, swim in hidden coves, ride the swells and encounter some amazing wildlife. There’s no other outdoor activity quite like it, and once you’ve tried it, you’re very likely to be hooked for life.

Invented by surfers in Pembrokeshire in the 1980s, Wales can claim to be the home of coasteering. It might well now be a global phenomenon, but it began right here. The stunning North Wales coast offers a diverse range of challenges, landscapes and terrain for you to explore. The quiet, unspoilt coast of Anglesey and the Llŷn Peninsula offers an amazingly varied and stunningly beautiful place to try this unique sport for yourself.


Is coasteering North Wales dangerous?

The sea can be dangerous and unpredictable, and coasteering gives you a range of challenges. That’s why coasteering should only be undertaken with experienced guides who understand the terrain and the tides. Accredited operators will not only know how to keep you safe, but they’ll also know where to take you to ensure that your experience is completely unforgettable. You’ll discover remote caves, awe-inspiring stacks and get up close with amazing wildlife.

Do I need to be super fit when coasteering North Wales?

No! Coasteering North Wales is an inclusive activity with no upper age limit. As long as you’re over 8 years old, reasonably fit and can doggy-paddle, you can go coasteering. It’s not unusual for coasteering parties to include three generations of a family, with everyone lending everyone else a hand. You don’t have to be the world’s strongest swimmer to get involved. You’ll be provided with a wetsuit, a buoyancy aid and a helmet. You’ll not have to do anything that puts you at risk, or that you’re not completely comfortable with. Coasteering the UK really is for everyone!



Coasteering in Anglesey and the Llŷn Peninsula

Coasteering Anglesey and the Llŷn Peninsula is an amazing playground for coasteering. The long coastline, of both the island of Anglesey, and the unspoilt, mostly empty Llŷn Peninsula, offers some of the best coastal landscapes to explore. On the right day, the coast in this corner of North Wales can compete with anywhere in the world. Both offer opportunities for either hardcore ‘adventure’ coasteering or gentler ‘eco-coasteering’.

Adventure coasteering will test your skill, stamina and strength as you’re pushed to your limits. It’s a challenging adventure quite like no other for fit thrillseekers who want to push themselves. Eco-coasteering moves at a gentler pace while still getting you out into some incredible environments. You’ll get the chance to experience the beauty of the nature around you, see seals and dolphins, rare seabirds and incredible rock stacks. It’s a great way to try coasteering for the first time.


Porth Dafarch

On Anglesey, coasteering adventures often start or end at Porth Dafarch, a glorious sandy cove on the coast road between Treaddur Bat and Holyhead. Surrounded by a rocky headland, coasteering routes from here take you around an incredible stretch of coastline. You’ll jump, climb and swim your way around the Anglesey coast, most of which has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Morfa Nefyn

The beautiful beach at Morfa Nefyn is always a special place to visit and it makes a great spot from which to begin a North Wales coasteering adventure. A long sandy beach is set back in a semicircle of cliffs between two headlands. This makes it a fantastic place from which to try out coasteering. The beachside village of Porthdinllaen is just a short walk across the sands, with its idyllic pub by the sands, Ty Coch.


The popular coastal village of Aberdaron is another great place to begin a coasteering adventure. A watersports centre, the coast from here gives you a choice of tranquil coves and challenging rocky scrambles.


Try coasteering in Anglesey & Llŷn Peninsula

There’s a number of experienced adventure companies offering coasteering in Anglesey and the Llŷn Peninsula.

Boulder Adventures

Established in 2003, Boulder Adventures is based in Llanberis in nearby Snowdonia, but offers adrenaline-fuelled coasteering adventures across the North Wales coast, including Anglesey and the Llŷn Peninsula.

Bach Adventures

Bach Adventures has offered tailored adventure experiences since 2000. They offer a range of different courses, led by experienced leaders, including coasteering. You can opt for either traditional coasteering or sea-level coasteering which leaves out the swimming, and they lead trips across North Wales and Anglesey.

Anglesey Outdoors

Located just a ten-minute walk from the beautiful beach at Porth Dafarch, Anglesey Outdoors is based in a prime area for coasteering adventures. Guided by a highly-qualified instructor, you’ll get the chance to explore sea cliffs, bio-diverse sea-caves, and scramble across barnacle-covered rocks.

Adrenaline Addicts

Adrenaline Addicts is an outdoor adventure provider owned and operated by two brothers and is committed to getting people out into nature. They offer coasteering adventures across the Llŷn Peninsula and beyond. Discover secret caves and hidden coves, jump off the cliffs into crystal clear waters, climb, scramble and explore.

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