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The Gower Peninsula is a peninsula in South Wales which projects into the Bristol Channel. In 1956 it became the first area in the UK to become an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and since then Gower has proved popular with locals and tourists for its unique and striking landscapes and coastline. It’s a great place to stay is you are thinking of coasteering South Wales.

Located just a short drive from Swansea, Gower is a thing to behold: from the area’s beautifully wild moors to the chalky limestone cliffs and shimmering sandy beaches, there’s plenty to explore along the Gower coast. Coasteering your way around it, combining swimming, climbing, and scrabbling, is one way to experience a truly unique perspective on the Gower Peninsula. Here are some of the best locations around Gower to enjoy a coasteering adventure, as well the top providers offering coasteering for all abilities and ages.

Coasteering Gower in Swansea and Mumbles

Swansea is both a busy coastal city and the second-largest city in Wales, after Cardiff. Located in the South West of the country, Swansea is most known for its 19th century copper-smelting industry and the poet and writer Dylan Thomas. Today, Swansea’s proximity to the gorgeous Gower coastline and The Black Mountains makes it a top choice for walkers and outdoors enthusiasts.

Another area of Swansea you might have heard of is Mumbles; Mumbles, technically a part of Swansea, is the gateway to the Gower Peninsula. Mumbles is a bright, cosmopolitan area of the city around the coast, and there’s plenty to see and do there, including coasteering. Swansea is one of the best ways to explore the Gower Peninsula from Swansea and Mumbles: climbing, scrambling, and swimming your way around the coast.

Quest Adventures

Quest Adventures offer coasteering trips from near both Swansea and Cardiff which involve jumps, caves, canyons, wild swimming, and surge pools. The coasteering route followed by Quest Adventures is suitable for all levels of abilities, with some parts only undertaken by stronger swimmers and many parts of the route easy to navigate for everyone. Quest Adventures will tailor the difficulty of the route to your group, so there’s really no experience necessary with this provider.

Adventures Wales

Adventures Wales offer coasteering packages for all ages and abilities starting out from Swansea, although the provider does ask that coastereers can all swim 50m in a swimming pool unaided. This coasteering package takes participants around the spectacular rocky cliffs of Gower and caves, tunnels, and coves around the area – there are even some big jumps along the way for those coasteerers looking for an extra thrill.

Gower Activity Centre

Gower Activity Centre offers coasteering packages from £45 which take participants into hidden caves and up secret steps as they explore the coastline around Gower and Swansea. The Gower Activity Centre will tailor your South Wales coasteering experience to your ability level making this a great choice for school groups and nervous first-timers and it’s possible to book blocks of four lessons to experience the wide variety of coastline that Gower has to offer and even help lead your final sessions.


Coasteering Gower in Rhossili

Rhossili is a small village set on the southwestern tip of the Gower Peninsula. Home to many small tidal islands and unique rock formations along the coast, Rhossili is a natural choice for coasteering around Gower. Many adventurers are drawn to Rhossili Bay, a beautiful sandy beach which stretches for three miles, to indulge in watersports including surfing, kayaking, and of course, coasteering. Coasteering around Rhossili Bay is a fantastic way to explore this unique stretch of the Welsh coast and get up close and personal with the limestone cliffs of Gower.

Rip N Rock

Coasteering with Rip N Rock is a truly memorable experience. Rip N Rock will take you around, up, and sometimes through cliffs as you explore the gorgeous coastline surrounding Rhossili Bay. This route involves cliff jumps, rock traverses and cave exploration, and many participants get a chance to spot some of the versatile marine life in the area including seals and porpoises. This is a four-hour coasteering session with three hours in the water, so there’s plenty of time to pack in the action with Rip N Rock.

Big Blue Adventures

Big Blue Adventures offer various routes for coasteering around Wales, with one setting off from Rhossili Bay. This provider’s coasteering routes are flexible depending on the group: easier routes can be pencilled in for families and beginners while thrill-seekers can choose to take on jumps of up to 10 metres and more. Big Blue Adventures will take you on a coasteering adventure involving cave exploration, rock climbing, swimming, cliff jumping, and hopefully the odd seal sighting or two.

The Gower Peninsula is known by many coasteerers as a tricky area to navigate around: depending on the tide and swell, coasteering around Gower can be a risky and dangerous affair. It’s important to coasteer only with experienced coasteerers and trusted providers, especially in wilder parts of the country like Gower. Stay safe, and enjoy the view.

Coasteering providers in The Gower Peninsula and South Wales

With so much great terrain to explore, there’s a number of experienced and highly rated coasteering providers operating in the area. You can search the location of all of these UK coasteering centres using the interactive map of The Gower, Wales below.

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