Coasteering Dorset

Discover The Main Coasteering Locations & Providers In Dorset 

Dorset has an array of hugely popular coasteering locations along the Jurassic Coast. The natural environment combines some of the UK’s most exceptional wildlife with magnificent natural landscapes. Dorset is simply an amazing and geographically unique place to coasteer. If you are heading to Dorset you are in for a treat!

Coasteering Dorset On Dancing Ledge

There are coasteering routes near Swanage which include huge seven-metre jumps into the ocean. The Dancing Ledge cliffs are a particular highlight. Dancing Ledge got its name as a result of the tidal waters washing over the stone causing the water to leap and “dance”. Dancing Ledge is accessible from the South West Coastal Path. After a small scramble, you reach a flat area of rock at the base of a small cliff. From here you will leap into the sea for a mighty adrenaline rush. 


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Portland Bill

Portland Bill is famous for its lighthouse, and it is also a popular location when coasteering Dorset. The coastline is rugged and exposed. Coasteering routes here are not for the faint of heart. The scenery is stunning though, and the location compares with Cape Horn in South Africa. The rock formations are spectacular, formed from thousands of years of erosion and human-made quarrying. Tunnels and caves are abundant on this route, as are some challenging leaps and scrambles.

 If you are seeking an adrenaline fuelled, action packed coasteering adventure then Portland Bill should be on your list!


Coasteering Dorset At Lulworth Cove

Lulworth Cove is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which includes some fantastic routes when coasteering Dorset. Lulworth Cove routes also take in Stair Hole, a small cove with some spectacular features of coastal erosion. Caves are visible from the coasteering route including the spectacular Cathedral Cavern. Cathedral Cavern was created by an earthquake which pushed the rocks upwards creating the slanting effect. Lulworth Cove coasteering routes are suitable for first-timers who are sure to enjoy the caves, tunnels and coasteering jumps on offer.


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 Activity Centres To Consider When Coasteering Dorset

There are numerous coasteering activity centres in Dorset most but not all are included in the list of activity providers below:

  • Cumulus Outdoors – Specialist provider of coasteering Dorset. Adventure activities on the Jurassic Coast and adventure school residential trips.
  • Land & Wave – Epic Adventures in Dorset. Coasteering, Paddle Boarding, Bushcraft and loads more. We love stag, hen and youth groups.
  • The Quay School – The Quay School provides full-time education for young people who are not accessing mainstream schools.
  • Lulworth Outdoors – Lulworth Outdoors is a passionate, lively group of instructors, based within the stunning and versatile Lulworth Estate on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset.
  • Adventure 4 All – Weymouth and Portland’s leading outdoor activity provider, specialising in Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), Coasteering, Rock Climbing, Kayaking and much more.Jurassic Watersports – Time to start an incredible outdoor adventure on the  Coast in Dorset. What better way to explore the  coastline than coasteering or kayaking.
  • Jurassic Coast Activities – Jurassic Coast Activities are a leading booking agent for Kayak Tours and Dorset Coasteering experiences on the Jurassic Coast.
  • Jim Oakley Adventures – Go Coasteering in Dorset with Jim Oakley Adventures. Highly rated coasteering, with Dorset specialists.
  • Youngs Adventure Solutions – When it comes to climbing, we know the ropes! Young’s Adventure Solutions has over 28 years of experience in the climbing industry with a perfect safety record.

You can search the location of all of these centres, if you want to go coasteering in Dorset, using the interactive map below.

Dorset Coasteering Adventure Centres

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