Coasteering Croyde Bay

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What is coasteering?

A fun combination of hiking, mountaineering, orienteering and bouldering, coasteering is a coastal activity that sees you climbing, swimming and leaping your way along the cliffs and rugged coast of a destination of your choosing. In this specific example, we look at beautiful spots along the Devonshire coastline.

What are the best locations to visit when coasteering Croyde?

On the north coast of Devonshire sits Croyde Bay, home to golden sands and beautiful lazy village life. However, there is still a great range of coasteering locations with all the thrills you could possibly want in the area. Here are just a few of the best options in and around Croyde, including the National Trust’s own Baggy Point.

Baggy Point

Baggy Point is home to some of the more mellow routes to be found in North Devon when coasteering Croyde, designed for people that might be coasteering for the first time. The currents are gentle, the required jumps are small, and although the climbs are exhilarating, they are some of the easiest scrambles available. Of course, for those seeking more of a thrill, there is the option of more advanced courses, but Baggy Point is an excellent jumping-on point for those new to coasteering.

Coasteering Croyde

Croyde itself has some strong coasteering routes, whether you’re a novice or experienced in coasteering. The Fisherman’s Steps route is great for kids with its small jumps and minimal currents. Anyone over 8 is allowed to take part, and this easier route is manageable for almost anyone. Meanwhile, the Coastal Cave Adventure will take you through some of the more famous caves in the area, including Baggy Point. This specific route features big jumps and a lot of fun, but fitness and swimming ability are a must thanks to the long distances covered in the water. If you’re a strong swimmer seeking a thrill, the Coastal Cave Adventure is perfect for you.




If you’re seeking a more extreme and white-knuckle experience in North Devon, Ilfracombe’s Hele Bay is a more adrenaline-filled way to go. Ideal for stag dos, military groups and overall adrenaline-fuelled adventurers, the route contains big jumps and longer swims, while the scrambles are steeper. This route isn’t advisable for children, but if you want to take a step up, Hele Bay is the perfect route to take your coasteering to the next level.

Put simply, no matter what your level is there will be routes perfectly suited for your needs and ability. North Devon is a treasure trove of coasteering spots just waiting to be discovered.

Who are the providers in the area worth cosidering when coasteering Croyde?

Of course, if you’re going coasteering, you’ll need to be sure that your guides are top-notch. That way you can make the leaps and scramble up rockfaces with confidence that you’re following the instructions of the best in the business. Here are a few of the best providers in and around Croyde that offer unforgettable coasteering Croyde experiences.

Coastal Adventures

Coastal Adventures North Devon specialise in more private outdoor adventures than many other providers. Whether this is a family event, a stag or hen party, your company’s annual party or even a couples’ day out, Coastal Adventures are more than happy to provide the most suitable course for your party with a highly experienced guide to take you along your route when you are coasteering Croyde. Their most important values are safety and enjoyment, so you can let the thrill take over in the knowledge that your safety is of paramount importance to the staff looking after you. You can safely get to see what Devon has to offer in a truly exhilarating manner.

Surfing Croyde Bay

Surfing Croyde Bay, as you might have guessed from the name, does not only offer coasteering but a selection of other watersports too. This means that you can experience the Devon coast in a wide variety of ways, with package deals encompassing paddleboarding, surfing and coasteering Croyde allowing you to tailor your day to your needs. If you’d like to see the Croyde Bay coast both up close and personal and from a distance on a paddleboard, Surfing Croyde Bay’s range of options makes anything possible.

Croyde Surf Academy

Croyde Surf Academy’s expertise is in beginners. Whether you’re a complete novice at coasteering or have a lot of experience, you’ll be in safe hands with this group, as they’re used to teaching both kids and adults alike about watersports, and how to stay as safe as possible. Whether it’s taking the plunge into the sea, swimming through gullies or scrambling over an array of rocks, Croyde Surf Academy can make sure everyone feels safe, secure, and learns something more about how coasteering works.

Why choose North Devon?

All of the previously mentioned companies operate in just one part of North Devon, demonstrating the sheer potential of coastal formations in the area. There are dozens of routes to try out, each one tailored to a different level of coasteering experience. If you’re looking to go coasteering, head to Croyde Bay and Baggy Point. No matter how much you know about coasteering, a trip to Croyde Bay can be a fun adventure that takes your coasteering abilities to the next level.

You can search the location of all of the coasteering centres located in and around Croyde North Devon using the interactive map below.

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