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Cornwall is an ideal place to explore the outdoors, not least because of its well known sunny weather and the extensive range of gorgeous viewpoints to check out. There really is something for everyone – and those who are looking for adventure, meanwhile, can certainly indulge their passion here. And what better place to look than to go coasteering Cornwall’s more than 400 miles of coastline? From high-octane swimming to exploring historic coves and everything in between, coasteering Cornwall ’s coast is ideal for anybody who wants to develop the skills of coasteering and experience a seaside escape like no other.


Coasteering Cornwall In Newquay

The coast and its leisure opportunities have been an essential of Newquay’s appeal for decades. But there’s much more than surfing and fish restaurants on offer here. Coasteering Cornwall is now also at the heart of Newquay’s appeal. It’s worth remembering that smuggling was a part of historic Cornwall’s heritage – and given the number of coves in the area around Newquay, it’s no surprise. These days, you too can experience a thrill by exploring these coves alongside a trained, experienced coasteering provider.

And when it comes to such Newquay coasteering providers, the Newquay Activity Centre is a well-respected place to start. The main attraction of this provider is that they offer a range of packages tailored to the skills and needs of each individual coasteerer. Those who want to experience a wildlife-themed coasteering day, for example, will be able to spot seals during a cave rock climb by choosing the Low Tide experience on the Gazzle coastline. Those who are in it purely for the adrenalin, however, can choose the Advanced Coasteer package which offers a more high-octane experience, such as sluice riding and wild swimming.


Coasteering Bude

Located in the northeastern corner of Cornwall, Bude is in some senses hidden away from the buzz of the rest of the county. For a coasteerer, however, this small town is big on adventure. Its coast is on the Atlantic Ocean, and there are plenty of cliffs just a walk away from the town. One such location is Tintagel Castle, a ruined castle which is perched right on top of a cliff at the sea’s edge.

Slightly further along the Cornish coast from Bude, however, is the inlet of Port Quin. Providers in the area often taken coasteerers to this destination, not least because it is shielded from the worst ravages of the ocean by virtue of being an inlet. So while surfers make the most of the tides and waves around the corner, you can enjoy climbing, wild swimming and more.

Bude coasteering providers have responded well to the demand for coastal adventure sport in Bude, and there are several choices on offer. Cornish Coasteering, for example, serves the wider Bude area. The company is operated by a former lifeguard and has other guides on its staff too. And it is also able to cater to all sorts of group types, such as corporate away days, stag weekends and more.


Coasteering Polzeath

Polzeath is another small settlement with a great offers when considering coasteering Cornwall. While it’s a village rather than a town, it’s packed full of things to do both on off and its world-famous beach. For the adventurous, the nearby area of Pentire Point is a spectacular destination for jumping off cliffs and into the sea. There’s also a network of caves in this area, too.

Although the area around Polzeath is a little out of the way compared to larger destinations like Newquay, there are certainly some options. Cornish Coasteering mentioned above is also a major provider of coasteering opportunities in the Polzeath area, and is worth looking into. Cornish Coasteering is in fact based on a farm called Dinham Farm close to the nearby town of Wadebridge, just a short drive away from Polzeath.


Coasteering Cornwall In Mullion

Finally, the Mullion area of the Lizard Peninsula is also a hotspot for daredevils looking to have some adventurous fun by the coast. It is home to the Kynance Cove, which has sometimes been described as one of Cornwall’s busiest destinations. As a coasteerer, you can see it from an entirely different perspective by climbing its many rock stacks, swimming wild in it its beautiful sea, and more.

Sea kayaking is also a popular activity in the coasteering stable, and you can do that from a number of locations in this area such as Mullion Harbour. Paddle boarding is a popular choice for some coasteerers, too – and in the Mullion area it’s possible to do this in the areas around Cadgwith Cove or Hayle Harbour.

Finding a reputable provider who can help you make the most of your coasteering experience is also simple here. One recommended firm is Lizard Adventure, an organisation working in conjunction with the National Trust to bring the very best of Lizard coasteering to you. The firm offers a variety of choice for many of its coasteering disciplines. A paddle boarder can, for example, choose a longer cove-based route that lasts three hours or a shorter route Hayle Harbour trip if two hours is enough.

More providers to consider when coasteering Cornwall

With so much great terrain to explore, there’s a number of experienced and highly rated coasteering providers operating in the area.

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