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Bude is a seaside resort town in the northeast of Cornwall. The town is home to promenades studded with palm trees and dozens of gorgeous sandy beaches. Bude attracts walkers, holidaymakers, and thrillseekers from miles around, and the region’s gorgeous coastline is no small part of this. The cliffs around Bude are fascinating: keen geologists will spot sandstone intermingled with shale beds, which offer a fantastic spot for coasteering (an adventure sport originating from Pembrokeshire) and climbing.

Coasteering Bude coastline is the perfect way to experience this beautiful landscape from a new and different perspective: combining elements of climbing, scrambling, swimming, and cliff-jumping, coasteering is a high-octane adventure which really lets you get up close and personal with the coast itself.

If you’re in South Cornwall and a little way from Bude you can check out our guide to South Cornwall coasteering providers and locations where we cover the Lizard peninsula and more.

Where to go when Coasteering Bude

There are tons of providers to consider when coasteering Bude, all offering fantastic coasteering packages suitable for various age groups and abilities. Here are some of the best coasteering providers around Bude.

Free Wave Surf Academy

The Free Wave Surf Academy offers coasteering packages for a range of ages and groups. A team of experienced instructors will guide you along the intertidal zone around the coastline, and you’ll get to swim through sea caves, explore wildlife in rock pools, and explore hidden beaches during your trip. This provider works with a number of coasteering routes and tailors the expedition to suit each group, so no two trips are ever the same.

Shoreline Extreme Sports

Shoreline offers coasteering trips from three different spots around Bude. When coasteering Bude with Shoreline, you’ll explore sea caves, climb over rocky outcrops, and take part in plenty of heart-stopping cliff jumps. There’s even underwater flora and fauna to see along the way. This provider suggests a minimum age of 12 and a strong swimming ability for participants.

Sandy Mouth Surf School

Sandy Mouth Surf School offers coasteering sessions for individuals or groups, with a minimum group size of eight if you’re after a private session. Travel and scramble your way along the coastal route surrounding Bude, explore watery caves, get sloshed around by the swell of the water, and cliff-jump from some of the best spots in the region. Sandy Mouth Surf School work with coasteerers of a range of ages and abilities, and the team of instructors are experienced and qualified.

Cornish Coasteering

Cornish Coasteering describes their package as ‘everything you wanted to do at the seaside when you were a kid but weren’t allowed’. This coasteering session involves exploring sea caves, wild swimming, cliff jumping, rock scrambling, and more as you explore the Bude coastline under the supervision of qualified and experienced instructors. Cornish Coasteering works with everyone from the age of 7 and up and caters to individuals plus small groups and private parties.

Outdoor Adventure

Enjoy an Outdoor Adventure like no other and coasteer at Bossiney Cove, just a half-hour drive from Bude. Outdoor Adventure is made up of a group of experienced professionals who are also the Coasteering Ambassadors for the National Trust – so you know you’re in safe hands with these guys. Outdoor Adventure’s carefully mapped out coasteering route is suitable for both kids of 12 and up and adults, and you can book as either an individual or as a group. All that Outdoor Adventure asks is that you can swim two lengths in a 25m pool.

Go Coasteering

Go Coasteering is a well-known Bude coasteering provider offering coasteering sessions around Cornwall, Devon, and Dorset. Their Bude coasteering routes include both standard routes for new coasteerers, which involve sea cave exploration and cliff jumps aplenty – and extreme challenge routes for experienced coasteerers looking for a tougher session. The Sore Saddle challenge route takes places in one of the most exposed spots on the north coast of Cornwall and involves five hours of scrambling, swimming, and jumping around Bude.


Saltwater Safari

Saltwater Safari’s all-inclusive coasteering package will have you scrambling, climbing, swimming, and jumping your way around the beautiful Bude coastline. The jumps aren’t compulsory – so nervous first-timers don’t need to worry – though they’ve all been chosen for their safety and accessibility. Saltwater Safari specialises in running sessions for small groups of family and friends, with one instructor to every four participants, making them the perfect choice for first-timers looking for a private coasteering session.

Vertical Descents

Vertical Descents offers what they call ‘extreme coasteering’ – as if you didn’t think the original version was extreme enough! This package is for the thrill-seekers keen to kick their coasteering up a notch. Vertical Descent has deliberately chosen routes where the ocean’s swell is strong to add to the fun and excitement of the journey. This coasteering package is for confident coasteerers and strong swimmers.

The number of providers offering coasteering around Bude is testament to the fact that Bude is a fantastic place to head out into the waves. It’s always important to be safe and choose a trusted coasteering instructor with experience and training. With that in mind, take the plunge and enjoy your coasteering adventure.

More Providers To Consider When Coasteering Bude In Cornwall

With so much great terrain to explore, there’s a number of experienced and highly rated coasteering providers operating in the area.

If you specifically want to search the location of all of coasteering centres in the vicinity of Bude use the interactive map of West Cornwall below.

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