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What is coasteering?

As a combination of mountaineering and orienteering, coasteering Anglesey is an activity that takes place right along the Welsh coastlines in the UK. The sport typically encompasses activities such as low-level climbing, sea swimming, rapid riding, traversing, and ledge leaping.

Why choose Anglesey as a coasteering spot?

Anglesey is rapidly becoming one of the UK’s hotspots for coasteering in Wales– and for good reason. It’s a stunningly picturesque spot, surrounded by deep blue seas and rocky cliffs. It’s a complete recipe for the coasteering dream.

Each provider will offer their own unique route or package deal, when Coasteering Anglesey, so it’s worth enquiring around to find the one that best suits you. Some providers do wish to keep their routes a secret, but this usually means that their course is simply filled with the best spots there possibly can be! It also adds an air of mystery to your day.

Of course, coasteering is a sport subject to the weather conditions of the island, as instructors will never put you in danger. Many providers do have alternatives lined up if one part of your day is unable to go ahead due to strong winds or choppy waters, so you’ll still have a day of fun.

Where are the best locations when coasteering Anglesey?

As Anglesey boasts a truly beautiful coastline, there are many spots that make great UK coasteering locations. Each provider will have their own route(s) depending on the activities you book for, as will be explored later on. However, just a few of the spots you could expect to see mentioned when browsing various providers include:

Porth Dafarch

Porth Dafarch is the predominant spot used by coasteering providers. It’s an easily accessible bay surrounded by gorgeous headlands, which make the perfect spot for sea diving! With the inlet based on the west side of Holy Island, Porth Dafarch is a popular destination for tourists seeking views as much as thrills.

Many Anglesey coasteering providers will offer Porth Dafarch as one of their destinations, or as a stop along a preplanned route. So if you go coasteering, prepare to stop at Porth Dafarch because (weather permitting!) it is very likely that you will.


Gogarth sea cliffs

Also known as the sea cliffs of Gogarth, the Gogarth sea cliffs are situated on the western tip of Anglesey. Also popular with rock climbers and sea cliff climbers, the Gogarth sea cliffs are often a popular choice for coasteerers due to its height and sense of adventure.

The cliffs are situated around Anglesey’s two famous lighthouses, the North and South stacks. This means there are views and history galore as you climb, dive, and swim around the sea cliffs of Gogarth. They aren’t as frequent a choice with coasteering providers as Porth Dafarch, but many will still offer the choice.


Holy Island

Holy Island as a whole is the perfect choice of getaway for those seeking the thrills of coasteering. One of the most popular choices of routes offered by various providers in the South to North Stack journey, which will see you and your group coasteering along the island’s coastline to visit both of the iconic lighthouses.

The best part about choosing to go coasteering on Holy Island is that it has routes and activities available for all ages and skill levels, so anyone from (usually) the age of eight upwards can begin to seek out some thrills.


Who are the best providers to choose when coasteering Anglesey?

As Anglesey increasingly grows as a popular tourist destination, so too does the number of providers offering coasteering days. Here are just some of the best providers that offer half-days, full-days, or even private events:

Anglesey Adventures

As an outdoor adventure company, Anglesey Adventures offers both single days and longer adventure breaks. Anglesey Adventures’ coasteering experience is one of its most popular choices, exploring beautiful coastlines, some of Anglesey’s most hidden coves, and diving off the island’s most daring cliff lines.

You will be guided by experienced and trained instructors, Anglesey Adventures also tailors to stag and hen dos as well as school groups, youth groups, or other parties.

Anglesey Outdoors

All of Anglesey Outdoors‘ instructors are highly experienced and well-trained, meaning you’ll feel safe and secure while coasteering. Anglesey Outdoors promises a day of adrenaline and unbeatable excitement, exploring bio-diverse seas and the most secretive of cave nooks.

Anglesey Outdoors offers both pre-booked days and opportunities to just turn up on the day. Families, small groups, individuals, and stag and hen dos are all allowed.

Anglesey Pursuits

Anglesey Pursuits boasts a prime location for coasteering. With no previous experience required, and open to all age groups, Anglesey Pursuits has a range of experienced instructors just waiting to take your booking. They offer half-day or full-day bookings, with example schedules of what you could expect to do on the website.

Anglesey Pursuits say that the most important intention for every customer is that they come away with a sense of achievement – coasteering is the perfect hobby to do just that, at a pace and level that suits you!

You can search the location of all of these coasteering centres using the interactive map of Anglesey, Wales below.

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