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Everything You Need To Know About Coasteering,
One Of The UK's Fastest Growing Outdoor Adventure Sports


Whether you’re looking to go coasteering in Pembrokeshire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Northumberland, Anglesey, Wales or any other part of the UK we can help you find the best adventure centre. Our network of  adventure centres is located throughout England and Wales, so what are you waiting for? Go book your trip now!

The first company in the UK to offer coasteering was TYF. In the late 80s Andy Middleton started trips along the Pembrokeshire Coast.

Since the late 1980s over 150 companies now offer activities along the UK coastline.

Most coasteering routes take place along the intertidal area and involve traversing a stretch of coastline. Whilst traversing there are jumps, scrambles and wild swims in tidal sea currents. It’s an exhilarating experience.

The growth of the sport has led to an advisory body called the National Coasteering Charter or NCC.

Family, Stag or Hen Party, Corporate Team Building?
There's an Adventure For You

Coasteering is a hugely versatile experience. There are routes suitable for everyone, from children and family bookings, to extreme routes for stag and hen dos, the military and adventurous adrenaline seekers. Specialist coasteering adventure centres will place you into a group and route suitable for your needs. If you want to coasteer as a private group that’s possible too!

Most coasteering experiences last between two and three hours. Your provider will kit you out with wetsuit, buoyancy aid, and helmet, the essential safety items. On average you will pay between £35 and £50 per person, depending on the location of your coasteer and the provider you use. Popular places to coasteer include Pembrokeshire, Devon, Cornwall, Swanage, Dorset, Northumberland and South Wales.

Why Is Coasteering Growing So Fast?


Adventure & Exploration

As you traverse and scramble along the coastline, swim in swirling currents and jump from rocks into the ocean, your mind and body will be energised. You will experience a new type of adventure.


Exhilaration & Adrenaline

Leaping from rocks down into the swell of the sea, feeling your body washed around by the currents. Experience what it’s like to be in a real life ocean washing machine


Stunning Natural Environment

Exploring the coast at the intertidal level allows you to see normally inaccessible Flora and Fauna, as well as wildlife and bird natural habitats. Discover the coastline like never before.

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